The Arab Division of the International Academy of Pathology invites pathologists in training to take advantage of this outstanding educational initiative, the Interactive Pathology Quiz Program (IPQ) in Anatomic Pathology, founded and managed by Dr. Issam Francis, Professor of Pathology at Kuwait University. IPQ is an example of Formative Assessment (FA) which is an educational process used during learning and teaching to elicit and use evidence of resident learning to improve the understanding of intended disciplinary learning outcomes and support her/him to become self-directed learner. FA has powerful impact on resident learning; it raises overall achievement and is predictive of performance in Summative Assessment. It is typically offered in a relaxed and less stressful environment when compared to Summative Assessment and offers immediate feedback to the trainees and education instructors. It also allows the trainee to identify her/his strengths and weaknesses and assists in formulating future training interests and career.

The objectives of IPQ are to:

  • Provide access to board-level quiz material to as many residents across the globe
  • Encourage residents to acquire up-to-date knowledge through reading
  • Enable residents to assess knowledge acquired from reading using standardized testing
  • Provide an easily accessible tool for self-assessment of knowledge and skill in pathology
  • Help residents prepare for advanced certifying exams
  • Encourage residents to search for answers by reading, Web searching or discussing with colleagues
  • Provide CME points to successful candidates to present as evidence of continuing professional development

The program runs over a 17-month period; it offers 12 Quizzes each year, 1 Quiz each month, 60 Multiple Choice Questions in each quiz. Upon passing the exam, the trainee earns 6 CMEs /Quiz (5 CMEs for reading, 1 CME for each Quiz). To register for IPQ, please contact Dr. Issam Francis at the following e-mail address:

Include in email the following:

  • First and Last Names in English (As you wish them to appear on the CME Certificate)
  • Country
  • Year of Residency/Training (R1-R5). If more than R5 use Senior.
  • Hospital/Center


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