The Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University, is launching an Online Journal Club Program (OJC) for pathology/cytology residents practicing in the MENA region. This program is endorsed by the Arab Division of the International Academy of Pathology (IAP-AD). This CME-accredited program is registered for CME certification with the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) office of Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations (KIMS) under the registration number: 004912 / HPCl / Sep23. The program will award a total of 24 Category 1 CME points. The program will involve residents across all countries presenting selected pathology and cytology review articles in pathology. The meeting is held twice each month. Each meeting will involve 2 resident presentations and conclude with a post-journal interactive pathology quiz to test the knowledge gained. Attendees can post questions and answer multiple-choice (MCQ) quizzes.

The objectives of the program:

  • Promote the skills of analytical reading and presenting pathology literature among residents.
  • Promote the culture of professional presentation and discussion of literature.
  • Encourage continuous education among residents in the field of pathology/cytology.
  • Introduce up-to-date, evidence-based knowledge in pathology practice worldwide.
  • Provide residents with a CEPD program in anatomic pathology.
  • Provide CME Certificates to residents during training.

Program Description:

  • The program will start on 1/1/2024, end on 31/12/2024, and run bi-monthly.
  • The date and time of sessions will be emailed to registered pathologists and trainees.
  • Every meeting will host 2 residents presenting 2 selected recent pathology/cytology articles.
  • A 10 MCQ-based post-meeting quiz will be posted for attendees to answer.
  • The anticipated time of each meeting is 60 minutes.
  • The meeting will be run using the Zoom Platform.
  • The date and time of the meeting will be announced on the IAP-AD website and via email to registered pathologists and trainees.
  • Participants will be emailed a certificate of 24 Category 1 CMEs at the end of each year.

  • Eligibility for registration:

    • Registration is open to any pathology/cytopathology resident practising in MENA region countries.
    • Enrollment from outside centers is permissible.

    Registration Fees:

    • The program is maintained on a Free-Of-Charge basis to encourage as many residents as possible to register and participate.


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